Movie of the Day! Total Recall (1990) 

A double dose of Arnold for today. Total Recall is the sci-fi action movie that plays out as a Man Who Knew Too Much of the future. The very very strange future. Arnold is being hunted down as he discovers that he has key information about Mars and its inhabitants locked away in his memory. I really liked the premise, though it is extremely stylized and goofy, mixed with some typical “Schwarzenegger moments.” My personal favorite being when Arnold takes out a baddy with a giant screw and proceeds to yell “SCREW YOU!” This could be more of a throwaway action movie it weren’t for Arnold’s charm and a lot of the practical effects that are really well done for the time. I haven’t seen the sequel, but I’ve heard for the most part that it lacks a lot of what I really liked about this one, so for now, I remain uninterested. 

Interesting Fact! Although never mentioned in the film, the cover of the VHS edition mentions that it takes place in 2084 AD.