MOVIE OF THE DAY! Army of Darkness (1992)

Everyone has their favorite Evil Dead movie. Okay, so some people have a favorite Evil Dead movie. The first is a horror classic, the second, in my opinion, is the best horror comedy ever, the third.. is a whole lot of things.. but mostly goofy. Army of Darkness (Evil Dead 3) is notorious for taking a huge left turn for the franchise and instead of focusing on the horror and gore, director Same Ramie created a completely silly fantasy horror complete with Ray Harryhausen, stop-motion skeletons and some bizarre plot twists influenced by Gulliver’s travels? The first time I saw it, I was just so jarred from how different it was from the first two movies, and it’s remained my least favorite, though I do like it. My favorite thing about this movie is it’s the kind of silly that is completely unabashed and self-referential. The lines that Bruce Campbell utters out of his mouth are quotable today, but seeing this through new eyes, you’ll be completely bowled over by how utterly ridiculous it is. I’m glad that now that I’m older, I’m more in on the joke. It’s a bad movie, that lovingly wants to be a bad movie.